IoT Sockets and Switches

Remote Control and more

Schedule then Switch your plugged-in devices or lit areas

UtilitySWITCH integrates the world’s smallest, smartest, smart plug and most versatile remotely controlled light switches. WIFIPLUG products integrates with UtilitySWITCH platform to provide the unique ability to add any combination of plugged sockets, light switches and remotely controlled breakers to your site Demand Management ideas.

Smarter Plug Sockets

WIFIPLUG have worked hard to cram as many features into this (upto 10A,/2.4kW) tiny socket; to make your energy saving efforts as smart and as simple as possible. You can get the best of 2-worlds, use WIFIPLUG products as part of your site-wide UtilitySWITCH Demand Management plans and take advantage of WIFIPLUGS in-built ability to work with Apple HomeKit (Siri), Amazon Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT, Samsung SmartThings and Cortana.

Integrates into Energy Dashboard

UtilitySMART uses the WIFIPLUG onboard smarts to integrate energy consumption into our Dashboards and UtilitySWITCH controls the WIFIPLUG devices as part of the overall site schedule that can include any on-site device from 1A single phase to 63A 3-phase.

Smarter Light Switches

WIFIPLUG GLASS is the ultimate smart light switch for any building, with no additional hardware required either! Connect IFTTT, Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa to really turn your site into a ​smart connected one.  UtilitySWITCH provides the ability to set multiple schedules to power-off location/area lighting when staff have gone home, and light your locations/areas up when the operation restarts. 

Simple WiFi Connectivity

Connecting the WIFIPLUG/GLASS devices couldn’t be simpler, your own staff can handle it, just email us your organisations name, the device serial number(s) and the name you want to know it as, e.g. Drinks Machine or Sales Office Heater, or Production Area Lighting and we, or our partners will work you to setup the schedules.

Control Your Energy

Once the initial setup is done we’ll hand it over to you for ongoing management and implementation of ever refine-able energy saving schedules….or we can arrange installation for you as part of an overall UtilitySWITCH implementation.

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