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Envisij established in 2014 when we decided to make a buildings energy use easy to understand. At that time energy monitoring systems were complex, expensive and difficult to use.


Fast forward to now …… Envisij technology & services helps operators/owners of Commercial & Industrial buildings to reduce their energy consumption, carbon emissions & costs.


Our technology is simple to use, providing insightful, useful & actionable energy use information.  To actively reduce our customers energy costs & emissions we remotely switch on-site electrical systems on/off at peak cost and demand times (and other times if available) to a schedule or a set of user-defined rules.


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Company Registration Number -  09070231

Registered office:
Envisij Ltd, Melody House
Haverthwaite, Cumbria, UK
LA12 8AF

Call: +44 (0) 15395 87956