SECR Compliance

CarbonSMART provides a reporting platform for SECR Reporting inline with the Government’s compliance requirements.

Our SECR reporting software provides a “menu” of support options that range from setting up and training your team on the use of CarbonSMART to full coverage, e.g. data collection, input and annual SECR report preparation.

Our process for SECR reporting & compliance

Envisij have developed a 5-step process to help our customers and partners setup a SECR compliant reporting framework, report on to-date & historic emissions, and importantly use SECR data to identify locations & systems to improve energy efficiency.

How we can help you to comply with SECR?


Help you determine your risk/exposure to SECR compliance both now and in future years.


Identify & inform those responsible for your annual financial report submission (to Companies House) of any current/future SECR inclusions.

Collect Data

Implement utility, transport consumption and emission type data collection strategy across the organisation. This might be via energy champions at each location, recording meter readings or collecting data from utility providers. SECR suggests automated metering data be used where possible to reduce data inaccuracies from this process, UtilitySMART can provide this. Supplier invoices should be used to cross-reference site information rather than informing the submission.


Scope 1, 2 emissions (including transport), Scope 3 is optional. Help you decide and report on an intensity metric – this will be a metric that influences emissions (i.e. production, per employee or floor area).


Your global and/or UK energy use, emissions, intensity metric and commentary of energy efficiency measures as part of your Annual Report submission to Companies House via a specific addendum.

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