Energy Services

“Great technology also needs great service to extract it’s maximum value”

Our energy services are delivered to support our hardware and software technology in the field. Our slogan, “Energy Simply Managed” means we work hard to ensure that our customers get great technology and great relevant add-on services that ensures they have a simple to understand, simple to use and simple to manage proposition delivered to meet their project needs.

We offer a range of funding packages that can be tailored to suit your project needs.

Our software & hardware solutions are used to efficiently manage a site’s energy consumption with the aim of cutting the costs incurred for the supply of electrical energy.

An in-house energy manager is not usually an option for all but the largest organisations. Our energy mentoring service, UtilityAssist is key to unlocking big & persistent energy savings.

The UtilitySMART standard package provides Energy Dashboards for single or multiple Half Hourly metered electricity (MPAN’s), gas (MPRN’s) or water meters.

CarbonSMART provides a reporting platform for SECR Reporting inline with the Government’s compliance requirements.


Installation, Commissioning & Maintenance

All of our Auditor technology is easy to install by any qualified electrician, all the wiring diagrams and “onboarding” instructions come in the box and are available in our Resources section. All that’s needed after that is a call to our support team to setup the Dashboard (in discussion with yourselves) once the data is flowing.

However, we do understand that at times you will want Envisij or possibly one of our Partners to take responsibility for site surveys, installation & commissioning.

‘Mix & Match’ onboarding, mentoring & on-site engineer support services


Our experts are your dedicated partners, analysing your current situation/challenges, understanding your goals and designing the right energy monitoring and/or switching package to help reduce your costs, consumption and carbon emissions.


Convert the plans into reality by installing our Energy Monitors, sensors and Energy Switches.


Savings needn’t stop with the 1st phase of deployment, we can work with you to continually review further refinements to your monitoring package and any existing switching schedules and also consider adding additional loads to UtilitySWITCH.


We understand that sometimes things go wrong on site that may or may not be related to our installed technology. Our partners provide a full range of on-site maintenance services designed to get the energy data and load switching back on line in the shortest amount of time.

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