Helping you understand and make good use of your energy meter data, in seconds not days.

UtilityMAP brings to life your historic Half Hourly metered data allowing you to visualise consumption patterns, areas of energy waste and improve your management of your Peak/Capacity Demand tariffs.

Changing numbers to knowledge

UtilityMAP brings the spreadsheet numbers from your electricity, gas or water meters to life. UtilityMAP provides multiple ways to understand and ultimately act upon the Half Hourly data that’s supplied on request from your energy supplier from your energy suppliers.

UtilityMAP gives you the power to understand how you can work with your supplier or broker to make sure you’re on the tariff type best suited to your consumption profile… leading to minimised energy costs.

It’s really simple to use, 2 clicks and you go from a .csv file to clear high-viz views of site/meter level energy use.


Site level KPI’s

Each MPAN/MPRN has it’s own home-page that summarises the key elements of your Half Hourly data, your Time of Use (TOU) averages, consumption over the last 3 Triad days (DNOuS) and upto last 12 months Peak Demand are all extremely useful metrics to have at your fingertips for tariff mapping.

Instant views on energy consumption inefficiencies

The HeatMap ability of UtilityMAP quickly evaluates patterns of power consumption and when peak load demand happens. Overnight activity and periods of high-power activity will guide you to sources of operational wastage.

Using this information helps you spot peak demand areas that could be shifted or shed and overnight consumption that shouldn’t be there that can be acted upon….all from one spreadsheet!

Considering Consumption

Understanding your Daily peak consumption helps you manage the ever-increasing Peak/Capacity demand tariffs. The Daily Peak Consumption page provides the ability for you to match your contract capacity levels vs. what you’re actually using. You can either spend less, use less or increase your capacity to reduce penalty charges….decisions based on fact not finger waving.


Plan and Plot reduction strategies

By being able to zoom into your consumption right down to any hour in the previous 12-months, or zoom into a specific timeframe gives you the ability to understand what potential energy saving measures would make a difference and plan for the ROI.

You can ask questions as to “why is the baseload so high at weekends and at night” or “what can we change to reduce the Thursday peak demand”, or even “why does it take so long for the building to reach night time baseload”…. very simply, very quickly.

Keeping out of the Red Zone

UtilityMAP gives the options for you to look at your Time of Use (TOU) profile in 2 useful ways, firstly at a historic level (upto last 12 months) so you can see when the site is often or least operating in the expensive red zone bands. Secondly, you can see the average weekday TOU profile to help you understand cost and use in each of the TOU bands. All the TOU tariffs are updated whenever your DNO changes (increases) them.

By having this visual way of looking at TOU profiles allows you to consider what can be shifted out of the red zone into the amber or green times, thus leading to cost and emission savings. Emission reductions come from using less in the Red Zone periods when typically, the Grid has to engage fast response generating assets that often use coal, oil or gas.


Triad (TNOuS) reduction

Triad/TNOuS charges are set to increase by 35% from 2018 to 2023 (approx. 7% p.a.). Understanding what goes on re demand at your site during the Triad times is vital to keeping these costs … and expected increases under control. For example, for every kW you can reduce during the Triad events saves approx. £50 per annum (at 2019 rates).

UtilityMAP provides 2 views to help you understand what your site demand is doing before and after the triad event. This helps you plan for removing or reducing demand when future Triad calls are made.



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