Energy Mentoring Services

For most businesses, an in-house energy manager is key to unlocking big & persistent energy savings, however, this is not usually an option for all but the largest organisations.

Our energy mentoring service, UtilityAssist can be thought of as your “virtual” energy manager.


Energy Mentors work with you on an on-going basis. Their goal is simple:

To help you reduce your energy costs, consumption, peak demand & carbon emissions.

Our experts are your dedicated partners, analysing your current situation/challenges, understanding your goals and designing the right energy monitoring and/or switching package to help reduce your costs, consumption and carbon emissions.

Energy saving targets are set at an early stage of the partnership. Using proven methodology, energy consumption/cost reductions of 10-30% are common in the first year.

Whilst energy savings are the primary goal, our energy services programme also provides a range of other features. Ongoing, 24/7 energy monitoring dashboard; regular management reports; rich energy use analytics to support your business/investment decision making; verification of retrofit investments, quantification of energy savings and ongoing support from our team of Energy Mentors all form part of our UtilityASSIST service.

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