Energy Monitors that don’t cost the earth.

Energy Auditor 6M & 6W devices.

These devices provide reliable electricity monitoring for residential and commercial applications when using our UtilitySMART platform. This integration provides granular, reliable monitoring and data access flexibility.

Energy Auditor features include

  • Onboard comms router zeroing the need for costly and complex additional hardware
  • Effective real-time monitoring – energy measured every 5 seconds
  • Real and reactive power, voltage, frequency and current
  • Configurable reporting interval (usually 5 sec to 5 minute, but adjustable to application)
  • Cloud-based servers and in-device logging ensure you never lose data
  • 2-pole DIN-rail mounting fits neatly in a distribution board or side unit.
  • Easy and quick installation by qualified electrician
  • No more site revisits for snagging. Onboarding software so you can check the installation is installed and working correctly from your phone, laptop or tablet in real time.
  • 4G version includes a Roaming SIM card that always picks the strongest GSM provider wherever they’re located globally.
  • Wifi version has the ability to have a fixed IP address or DHCP depending on the firewall arrangements.
  • Great for monitoring & managing attached invertor/battery storage systems.

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