Building Energy Management

Our energy management software provides unmatched visibility into energy consumption at portfolio, building and device level.
UtilitySMART provides powerful insights into energy consumption and generation from individual circuit level through multiple sites.

UtilitySMART detects and alerts excess energy usage or cost and provides actionable insights that allows building owners / operators to identify and reduce energy and operational expenses. Our building energy dashboards provide real-time and historic detailed visibility into energy consumption, costs, peaks and anomalies.

UtilitySMART is a cloud-based (SaaS) platform that provides users with a powerful and easy to use dashboard to monitor, measure and understand multi-type energy consumption, such as electricity, gas, water, diesel and renewables generation, from multi-site to individual loads.

Making sense of your building energy data

Smart Meter Data

Analyse and review multiple meters at the same time in a consistent layout & format for easy reporting over any timescale.

Real time Energy Data

UtilitySWITCH collects, processes, and reports your meter data in real time, with interval data as frequent as once per hour.

Energy, Utilities & Renewable’s Monitoring

All energy types can be monitored and reported, e.g. electricity, gas, water and diesel. Renewable’s can be mixed-in, along with Net Energy reports. A total picture of your own energy mix

Energy Reports in Any Measurement Units

Custom measurements are easily configured, e.g. sq/ft or sq/m, currency types, Centigrade or Fahrenheit, allocated per site or load. You decide how to view your data and better still, you can change them at any time!

Complete Secure Data Storage

UtilitySWITCH stores all of your metering data, forever. Data is never deleted or trimmed — we keep it intact and always on.

Energy Alerts & Notifications

When meters, BMS, or meter gateways send out of bounds data UtilitySWITCH notifies you so that you can take remedial action. You set up your own Event Notifications and their parameters, keeping you in control of your data.

Custom Energy Events

Label specific events and then view positive or negative energy related events vs. your energy use. Energy Events help you to understand retrofit or set-point change impacts.

Monitor Energy Savings and ROI

View and report on your energy saving projects against R.O.I. expectations. View “before and after” bench-marked data along with net savings.

Side by Side Energy Comparison Software

Side by side comparison of energy used by buildings, areas or loads. View your energy usage in jargon-free accessible terms such as “per area”, or “per person” or “per kWh”.

Generate Energy, Consumption and Carbon Reports

Instantly generate energy, carbon and cost consumption reports for any building, load or space. Preset reports are included. If you need your own custom report, then design you own with included report editor.

Energy Budget Controls

Budget offers the user reporting of actual energy use or cost, against a specific budget or % saved over previous period.

Energy awareness for your entire team

At Envisij we believe that Energy Management software should be accessible to all the different people in your organisation. And because usability is important, UtilitySWITCH is engaging, informative and easy to use — regardless of your level of technical sophistication.


Portfolio managers gain access to a macro view of KPI’s without struggling to aggregate data across a spread of geographically separate buildings and different technologies.


Facility managers can finally focus their time on facility management instead of being pulled in various directions every time someone needs building performance data. The days of navigating arcane BMS interfaces and spending hours in Excel are over.


Energy managers no longer have to log in to five or more different systems to keep track of building performance. They can spend more time trying to identify areas of energy waste and solving problems.


In addition to UtilitySWITCH we deliver gold standard solutions for occupant and tenant engagement. Accessible and intuitive to a non-technical audience, Envisij brings real-time energy use to life and showcases sustainability initiatives, and reduction projects.


Sustainability teams can effectively track, visualise, and communicate key metrics: instantly access building performance data, track waste and savings, and conduct public reporting, e.g. SECR, ESOS.


Energy service providers (ESCO’s) are more effective at identifying the energy efficiency potential of your assets when they have access to at least a year of interval consumption data. They can quickly and easily assess efficiency opportunities before even stepping foot on site.


Third-party software vendors can deploy their solution in days instead of months when metered data is normalised and easily accessible through a common API.


CFOs and building owners can avoid BMS or meter vendor lock-in and deploy the most appropriate metering technologies. Modus gives your team a single view of performance, improving collaboration and productivity, and removing bottlenecks.

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