Power Metrics, a new Element added to the Envisij Dashboard line-up

9th April 2020

Envisij Dashboard users can now access and visualise a wide range of electrical parameters for improved power quality analysis and checking out if retrofits would work, e.g. Voltage Optimisation, or Power Factor Correction  One screen provides real time values for kW, V, I & PF, plus easy to view Power Metric graphs of the last 24-hour performance in 5-minute increments.  Data can also be exported in one click to image, PDF and CSV format.

Power Metrics provides customer a one-shot view of equipment, area or building level electrical use and quality. Typical benefits of Power Metrics will be planning for EV Charging expansion or initial installation onto electrical distribution boards, power factor correction improvements to reduce equipment failure and costs, check for voltage surges to highlight potential equipment damage.

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