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Envisij Changelog

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Added global timeszone and currency display abilities

24th August 2020

New Feature

UtilitySMART can now display energy use in the timezone it\'s used in, e.g. Australia, India, New Zealand, Phillipines, UK & USA. Coupled with the timezone ability, energy costs can also be displayed in any selected global currency, e.g. US$, Phillipines Peso, Indian Ruppees, and of course, UKĀ£.

Last 12 months Consumption views not working

20th August 2020


Bug found and fixed

New energy data acquisiton model

10th August 2020

New Feature

Integrated a new 2 channel (pulses) data logger into the datasource, display, report and alert list. UtilitySMART can now extract consumption data at low cost from any meter that has a pulse output, e.g. gas, water, electricity, CHP, renewables or storage.