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Envisij Changelog

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Report accuracy

27th October 2020


Fixed a bug that resulted from moving 60 min report granularity to 30 min granularity. Reports were missing off the 1st half hour of the day and last half hour of the day, resulting in approx 4% reporting error. Bug fixed and reporting now matches audited energy bill figures.

Tighter time selction for Reports

22nd October 2020


Improved the ability to select a report to start & finish at various times of a day as oppsed to start and end of day previously.

September 2020

Able to allocate one or many weather locations to a single project dashboard

21st September 2020


At configuration time a single weather location can now be allocated to a Project by one tick box regardless of number of datasources. Weather locations can also be allocated to individual datasources if needed.