Miralis and Envisij join forces to work on workplace electric vehicle charging solutions. 

Envisij, the company behind energy management platform UtilitySMART, and Miralis Data, the developers of ChargeBetter, an electric vehicle charge point management platform have signed a collaboration agreement to simplify the complexities of workplace charging. 

As electric vehicle adoption grows it’s clear that workplace electric vehicle charging can’t be efficiently delivered without taking into account the needs of the host building’s electrical infrastructure and contracted energy tariffs. In turn, the company’s electrical supply has to deliver an acceptable amount of power at the right time to connected electric vehicles. To optimise this mutual dependency the technology that manages EV charging points and the host building’s energy infrastructure needs powerful integration. Up to now they’ve lived in isolation of each other. 

The partnership between Envisij and Miralis Data aims to maximise power availability for electric vehicles whilst minimising the impact on the host building’s electrical infrastructure, supply cost and grid demand. The technology will operate in real time, allowing EV charging to load balance or shed low priority charging when the building demand reaches peak demand and peak cost times. Clients will also have the ability to prioritise EV charging at optimal times whilst shedding or shifting non-essential building loads in order to deliver a high-power charging service without unacceptable cost and infrastructure impact. 

Gary Highton, M.D at Envisij noted, “We’re getting a lot of requests from our clients to help them mitigate the impact on their electrical infrastructure from installing multiple EV chargers. We’ve developed tools to monitor, switch and schedule supply in the building linked with EV Charging prioritisation. Working with Miralis charge point management solution via OCPP 2.0 and their algorithms to automate load balancing we’re now able to keep infrastructure stress under control”. 

Michael Gibson, Managing Director at Miralis Data added, “While working on our workplace charging platform it became obvious that a key challenge will be the integration with the host’s supply and infrastructure. Already one organisation we’ve worked with has seen its building supply partially shut down following the installation of additional chargers. Our work with Envisij helps us complete the circle of workplace charging. 

The two companies expect to see full product rollout in the final quarter of 2020. 

Miralis Data produced SAMBA, a machine learning based behavioural charging solution under the Faraday Battery Initiative, and has now incorporated it into ChargeBetter, an EV charge point management platform launching in summer 2020. Miralis are part of the SOSCI (Scaling On Street Charging Infrastructure) project installing over 200 chargers across Cumbria and Co. Durham alongside Charge My Street, EO Charging, Bay EV, Statkraft and various local authorities. 

Envisij develops UtilitySMART, an energy management platform that incorporate on-site IoT hardware supplying data to its cloud-based energy monitoring, demand management and demand response platform. The ethos of Envisij technology is “energy simply managed” that in turn helps its 

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